Meet the Artist for New Chemistry Teaching Building

March 22, 2021

TODAY at 6pm

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Meeting ID: 941 6306 9766

Passcode: 4T2Q48

You are invited to “bring a friend” or two — if you’d like!

ALSO — anyone who cannot make it — please feel invited to make additional entries into the google form!  Share the link with any students you know who might want to contribute.



Google form:


Connection, progress, stewardship, understanding; humility in the face of nature; a gathering of minds to appreciate chemistry and understanding of the world

Chemistry needs to be more intersectional than it has been and is now in order to help bring the world into a more equitable and verdant future. It is rare to see chemistry and science based installations reflect anything other than the monolith it has been and I think any artwork that depicts it should be aspirational of what it could be instead of resigning to what it has been. While it may not bring direct change and there is much more to be done, it gives conversations a starting place and may help underrepresented people to see a place for themselves within the pursuit of science.

Fulfill need, give rest, provide warmth, aid responsibility, grow