Diversity Discussion

Diversity Committee Survey

To help us to prepare for the upcoming celebration of diversity in our department, please complete this survey. All questions are optional. We look forward to your feedback!



Diversity Committee Open House

11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Friday, April 13

Kate & Michael Barany Conference Room (117/119 Smith Hall)

Stop in for just a few minutes or stay for the full time!


All undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral associates, faculty members, and staff members are invited to the Diversity Committee's Open House. Stop in and learn about the work of the Department of Chemistry's Diversity Committee. Share your thoughts and ideas about what is working well or not working well.

Living in Diversity

Living in Diversity

We hope that you had the opportunity to read and contemplate the scenario that was provided in the e-news last week. To promote the ongoing dialog about diversity in our department, we will provide our perspectives on these scenarios in the form of additional questions and information.

Living in Diversity

To continue to promote an inclusive and open environment in our department, the Diversity Committee will submit content for inclusion in the Departmental Newsletter and the informational blog for our undergraduates. We plan to include information on upcoming events, stoplights on department and UMN community members and items to spur discussion. Suggestions are welcome! Below you will find a scenario that we hope will prompt discussions and contemplation.