Getting Involved In Research

Thinking about getting involved in research?

  • Watch this videoof one of our seniors currently in research.
  • Start looking for research on campus in the things that interest you. Don't limit that search to the chemistry department. Chemistry is happening all over campus!
  • Need some guidance? Fill out this survey and set up an appointment with an advisor to go over it.
  • When you find projects that interest you, email the professor (Principle Investigator). I recommend about four to start with.
    • State you name and major and how much time you have left in the program (no one wants someone who has only one term left)
    • Indicate what it is about their research that interests you. [This lets them know you know something about what they do and didn't just send out a generic "can I work for you" email.]
    • If there are things that you can boast about definetly add it to the email. [If you are trying to get in to a polymer lab and already had the polymer lecture that would be a good thing to let them know.]
  • Once you and the PI have agreed upon the right project for you, you have options:
    • You can volunteer [no pay and no credit]
    • You can get credit [this is the most common] 
      • Decide which course you will register for CHEM 2094 (usually for freshman), 4094W, 4094V (honors)
      • Decide on the number of credits (this is based on the amount of time you can committ to lab work). Note that 1 credit requires a minimum of 45 hours of effort per term.
      • Determine how you will be graded for your efforts. If it is writing intensive you can expect to have at least one rewrite.
      • Complete the contract at Once this is approved you will be sent a permission number.
    • You can get paid. It is rare if a PI has money in their grants to pay undergrads. Look to UROPfor an opportunity to get paid to do research.